Cave de Byrrh

Located at Thuir since over one hundred years, the Byrrh cellars are the cradle of Byrrh, elixir invented by the Violet brothers in 1866. By browsing this innovated circuit of the Byrrh cellars, you will be surprised at each moment by: the magnificent and gigantic industrial patrimony, by discovering the cultural patrimony of the posters from 1903 exposed for the first time at Thuir., the story of the founder family and of the enterprise which will be told all through the journey, thanks to new technologies. The huge oak tanks is a witness of the Violet family’s ambitions. This oak tank is a genuine technical feat with 1 00 200L capacity.


The photos of the presentation of the Byrrh caves are the property of: CAVES BYRRH- B.P 25 – 66300 THUIR – Tél : +33 (0)4 68 57 51 73
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